Finding A Home 7,000 Miles Away From Home: An International Student's Perspective

I am part of the 3% international student population here at Santa Clara University and I can proudly say that I have found a home within the community here. I was born in Manila, Philippines, moved to Houston, Texas when I was two years old and moved back to the Philippines when I was twelve. I attended the International School of Manila for high school and I thank my teacher, counselor, and peers for helping me get to Santa Clara University.

To be 100% honest, Santa Clara was never at the top of my list, but I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and here I am at SCU enjoying my time here.

I applied to 10 different schools in California and Texas because I knew I wanted to go somewhere with warm weather. The schools ranged from 65,000 students to 5,000 students so I was open to all of the possibilities. I knew I wanted to study business, especially marketing, so I looked at universities that offered business at the undergraduate level. What drew me to Santa Clara, besides the beautiful campus was the fact that I could study marketing in the Silicon Valley, the epicenter of discovery and innovation. I only knew two students at Santa Clara so deciding to attend the university felt like a risk, but one that was worthwhile.

I attended the international student orientation and I had the best time meeting other students who came from places far away just like myself. I realized that the world was really small when I found out I had mutual friends with some of the students I met then. Everything was so exciting, I had just moved into my new dorm room, I met my roommate, and classes were about to start. The nerves didn’t really hit me until my parents left and I found myself alone at 18 years old 7,000 miles away from home.

To be honest, my first few weeks here were challenging and at times I questioned my decision, but that quickly changed after I rushed Delta Sigma Pi and found my home on campus. Delta Sigma Pi is a professional co-ed business fraternity that I learned about through the Involvement Fair during week 2 of fall quarter. I instantly connected with the members of the organization and knew that I wanted to join. Making that first step of putting myself out there to rush DSP was the best decision I made and it completely changed how I viewed SCU. I was no longer struggling to mind my friend group, I had 60 other people who had my back and wanted to help me grow. I also decided to apply to be a Student Ambassador which was also a great decision, with just a bit of luck and a love for the university, I found myself surrounded by like-minded individuals who wanted to help high school students find a home in SCU. Now 3 years later, I am the Vice President of Marketing for Delta Sigma Pi and as involved as ever with the Student Ambassadors.

To any international student thinking of applying to SCU, please do! Look at our website, visit the campus and see if you want to wake up in the heart of Silicon Valley for the next four years of your life. Moving far away from home may not always be the easiest choice, but I can truly say it was the most rewarding.

Good Luck and Go Broncos!

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