UpperClassmen Housing: A Student Testimonial

Upperclassmen who are looking to remain on campus have the opportunity to live in the University Villas. Located across the street from SCU’s Leavey Center, the University Villas provide a close-knit community of students who remain engaged and connected to campus. The Villas are apartment style living; students can choose to live with up to five other students in a two-story, four bedroom apartment. Students have the option of living in a one-story, two person apartment as well.

The University Villas holds programs multiple times each week that are geared towards providing residents with information and skills that will help them in their lives after graduation. Whether these programs are how to balance one’s finances, or how to prepare meals efficiently throughout the week, programs are informative and have proven to be very useful! In addition to programs that provide residents with post-graduation tips and tricks, there are also programs such as midnight bowling, building trips to Santa Cruz, and weekend BBQ’s! These recreational programs, along with comfortable living accommodations, allow residents to enjoy all that Santa Clara has to offer, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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