Traditional/Standard-Double Residence Halls, Student Testimonials

Swig Residence Hall - 2 Person Traditional, Standard-Double Rooms w/ sink and vanity inside the room and community bathrooms down the hall

Living in Swig was easily one of my favorite memories from the past four years at Santa Clara. As a student coming from out of state not knowing anybody, it was perfect for me because there were 400+ new friends to make. Swig is almost all first year students, and is known for being the most social residence hall on campus. On move-in day we made a group chat and from that day on my floor, we became my family. Our floor decided on an open-door policy, so whenever you were just hanging out in your room we would leave our doors open and people would just flow in and out. My roommate and I won the award for the most comfortable rug in Swig, so we were often the hosts of floor hangouts and people would just come in to listen to music or talk all throughout the day and night. To put it lightly, there was never a dull (or quiet) moment and Swig and that is something that I will cherish forever. I can credit Swig to introducing me to some of my best friends and I know that the late nights in the hallways with the 45 strangers that became my best friends will be nights I will never forget.

Dunne Residence Hall - 2 Person Traditional, Standard-Double Rooms w/ sink and vanity inside the room and community bathrooms down the hall

When I picked Dunne as the Residence Hall for my first year at Santa Clara, I didn’t know much about it, except that it was newly renovated. In hindsight, choosing to live in Dunne was a great decision, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the two years I’ve spent here. Dunne is one of the standard double Residence Halls at Santa Clara, meaning that you and a roommate share a double room with community bathrooms on each floor. There are resident lounges with kitchens and laundry facilities on alternating floors as well. While the rooms are a bit smaller than those of a mini-suite Residence Hall, what Dunne lacks in square footage it makes up for in socializing. Nearly everyone in Dunne has their door propped open for at least part of the day, making it easy to make friends and hang out, especially with people on your floor. The Residential Learning Community of Dunne is “Modern Perspectives” with a theme of leadership. Essentially this means that many of the events put on by the Community Facilitators in Dunne focus on how we can be leaders in the modern world. One of the coolest events put on by one of the Community Facilitators on my floor was a week-long sock drive, where people could donate socks to a nearby homeless shelter. One of the coolest parts about Dunne is how often students hang out and study in the basement. Unlike many Residence Halls, Dunne does not have lounges on every floor, but instead it has a big lounge in the basement, accompanied by a big study area. I find myself spending a lot of time in the basement hanging out with people from other floors, or doing homework with my friends in the study room. The thing I like most about Dunne would have to be the community. I feel that I know the majority of the people that live here—even those that I don’t know that well are friendly and welcoming. When I step into Dunne, it feels like I’m stepping into my home, a feeling that I am truly grateful for.

McLaughlin-Walsh Residence Hall - 2 Person Traditional, Standard-Double Rooms w/ sink and vanity inside the room and community bathrooms down the hall

Living in McLaughlin-Walsh for the past two years has had an unbelievably positive impact on my Santa Clara experience. A combination of the standard-double style of living and the building’s theme of celebrating diversity, made it the perfect place for me to find a community. My most memorable memories stem from the religion course I took with my faculty director and other students living in McLaughlin-Walsh. This course gave me the opportunity to connect with McLaughlin’s in-house faculty member as well as other residents, in the classroom and outside it. We had study sessions and did service projects together, and halfway through my sophomore year at Santa Clara my closest friends are still the ones I took that class with my first quarter as a Bronco. I’ve also been able to stay connected with my faculty director even after finishing her class. We often get coffee or lunch, and she has been a huge resource to me over the last two years, offering any support I could need whether it be in my personal life, my professional life, or my academic life. Overall, being a part of the McLaughlin-Walsh community provided me with a strong foundation upon which I was able to build my life at Santa Clara.

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