Suite-Style Residence Halls, Student Testimonials

Graham Residence Hall - 2-3 Person Mini-Suite Style Rooms with Adjoining Bathroom to Second Mini-Suite

As my parents helped me move into Graham Hall, they kept saying, “Wow, this room is huge!” They were not wrong. The Graham rooms are mini-suite style and are very spacious. The mini-suite style is two rooms connected by a hallway with a bathroom and a shower. My roommate and I always had plenty of space to have friends over, do yoga, or even add a futon during my sophomore year. Outside of the rooms, every wing of Graham has a common room where people would gather to cook dinner, watch movies, or do homework. The students are first-years and sophomores, so during my first year, I would often tag along to In-n-Out or Chipotle with a sophomore who had a car. Graham’s RLC is Alpha and the hall’s theme is Innovation, Integrity, and Impact. Throughout the school year, Graham has several large events, including the Alpha Olympics, where my favorite event was the ice cream luge; a Super Bowl party, where each floor would bring a snack; and The 'Grahammy’s,' where people would dress in anything from formal attire to pajamas and compete in a talent show. Overall, I had a very positive experience living in Graham for two years. Whether you choose it for the large rooms or the community events, it is a fun, exciting place to live!

Sobrato Residence Hall - 4-6 Person Suite-Style with Singles and Doubles

Sobrato Hall is one of two full-suite-style buildings at SCU. It is the home of Loyola RLC, whose theme is “Faith and Social Justice”. I lived in Sobrato and worked as a Community Facilitator for Loyola during my Sophomore year and I absolutely loved it. Suite-Style living generally tends to be quieter than living in a hall with standard doubles. I enjoyed this aspect of Sobrato because I really like to have the option to relax and do homework in my room if I want to. However, Sobrato is not an anti-social Residence Hall by any means. Nearly every suite on my floor would prop the doors to their common rooms open so that people passing by could say hello. Every floor has its own common area and they are almost always packed, especially at night, with students doing homework or hanging out. Students also really like to decorate and show off their suites for certain holidays. Halloween and Christmas are two big ones, and sometimes these decorations will extend far into the hallway with lights and door-mats. Residents are further encouraged to gather in common spaces because of the 'Loyola Bucks' system. Every night community facilitators will walk around the building to Hand out 'Loyola Bucks' to residents who are out and about. At the end of the quarter you can use these tickets to win raffle prizes like Hydroflasks, gift cards, and sometimes even TVs! This is one of the most popular programs of each quarter. Another very popular program is Loyola’s Famous Monday Night Dinners. During the Fall quarter of every year Loyola CFs will cook dinner in the community kitchen for up to 150 students. The event always starts at 7pm, but often times there will be a line snaking through the lobby by 6:45 because residents are so excited about the free food. Although I only lived in Sobrato for one year I loved every second of it. The community is very inclusive and open, the facilities are convenient and comfortable, and it does a great job at balancing privacy with social activities.

Casa Italiana Residence Hall - 8 Person Suite-Style Doubles

Coming from the East Coast, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Santa Clara before orientation. This being said, I was terrified of picking the wrong RLC and ending up unhappy with my living situation for an entire year. While furiously reading about the RLCs and their themes I came across the “Ciao da Vinci!” program which basically connects the first-year students living in the building. Since I have a big Italian family at home I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to learn about Italian culture in my Cultures and Ideas core class and take a few trips with the community to get to know people on campus. Since Casa Italiana is Suite-Style living, my seven suitemates and I had to make up chore charts and really take responsibility for our space, which I know has made me a better housemate and roommate now that I’ve lived off campus. The greatest part about living in this RLC is the fact that students take the time to go to the events that the RLC staff put on and make sure they have a chance to get to know people that live on other floors- even if they are in different grades! Within my first year I made friends at “dV Caffe”, our Tuesday night desserts, who were in all four grades and came from all around the world; it was also a plus that the desserts were always a nice study break or way to end the day! There was always something going on in the Casa Commons and residents were always willing to say hello on the way to class, watch a movie on the projector on a Thursday night, or help with homework if they could. If I had to pick an RLC again I would choose Casa every time, and I am incredibly thankful for the community it introduced me to and the people I wouldn’t have met living anywhere else on campus!

*To learn more about housing, please visit the SCU Housing Website! There you can find virtual tours, pricing information, and general information on the housing process.

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