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College decisions are out and now it’s time for you to figure out where you plan to spend the next few years of your life! If you have been admitted to SCU's class of 2021, Congratulations! The undergraduate admission office is hosting Admitted Students Preview Days April 8th or 9th this year to help you gather the information you need so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

SCU might not be your first choice school; maybe your parents are alums so they made you apply, you applied on a whim, it’s too close to home, or perhaps SCU was a safety school. It’s always great to consider all your options, though, especially for a decision as big as choosing where you will experience your college career. For many students, attending Preview Days has helped illuminate parts of SCU that you might not have considered before, through walking around on campus, speaking with current students, faculty, and staff, and attending presentations and the club fair.

Two current student ambassadors, Ryba and Jonathan, share their Preview Day Story and how their experience influenced their decision:

Jonathan is a junior studying Communication in our College of Arts and Sciences, here is his story:

I had no intention of attending Santa Clara University. The first time I visited campus, during my junior year of high school, was enough for me to know that I wouldn't be happy attending the university. At the time there was a road dividing the center of campus which led me to think that the school didn't prioritize fostering a community among its students. Not to mention, it was only forty minutes away from home, way too close to my protective parents. When I applied, I did so because I had nothing to lose. When I received the acceptance later months later, I put it in a drawer and refused to consider it when making my college decision.

Weeks later I had made my decision to attend a university in southern California, still not taking Santa Clara University into consideration. Before I could accept my offer, my mom made me attend Santa Clara's Preview Days. Considering they would be the one's paying my tuition for the next four years, I thought it was the least I could do. I came onto campus with no intention of it changing my decision, after all, I was only here to please my parents. We must have looked lost and confused trying to find the registration area because a Student Ambassador approached us offering to guide us. Her name was Aliyah Morphis, and I would have never thought that a five minute conversation with her would have changed my life forever.

She told me of the incredible experiences she had in her first two quarters at Santa Clara, emphasized the resources and programs offered to students throughout the campus, and the quality relationships she had made. But what I really took from the conversation was her genuine happiness and gratitude towards the university. Seeing students so happy with their choice made me question how positive I was in my decision. That conversation opened my mind to the experiences and information I was going to take in that day. That same day I made my decision to accept my offer from Santa Clara University. To this day, I'm extremely grateful for my mom, Aliyah, and Preview Days for helping make the right decision.

Ryba is a sophomore studying Accounting in our Leavey School of Business, here is her story:

​I remember waking up early on Preview Day, feeling more nervous than excited. I didn’t want to go to Santa Clara University because I thought it was too close to home and I thought Preview Day was the perfect way to find everything wrong with the campus to convince my parents I shouldn’t enroll.

When my parents and I walked into SCU's Malley Fitness Center to check-in, I was so nervous I couldn’t even speak properly. Thankfully, the Student Ambassador working check-in was patient and calm enough to help me through the simple process and we were able to move into the general seating area. There, my parents encouraged (read: forced) me to go speak with current SCU students and get any questions answered. I reluctantly went up to two Student Ambassadors, Maura and Kalina (now my friends and co-workers!) and asked them questions about the community, the students, the classes, their personal experiences, the good, and the bad. They were enthusiastic, patient, funny, and honest and that conversation began to change how I felt about the school. As the day went on, every conversation I had and presentation I attended was genuine, poignant, and left an impact in my mind.

The first time I stepped onto campus, I was ready to find faults with the school so I could hate it, but by the time I walked off, I had already fallen in love with Santa Clara University.

Preview Day was the day which helped me make the best decision of my life -- attending SCU.

Coming to Preview Day, feeling the vibe of campus, and speaking with students helped Jonathan and Ryba realize that SCU might be a better fit for them than they had initially thought. If you can relate to the situations that Jonathan and Ryba were in when they were choosing a college, you might also be able to benefit from coming to Preview Day.

If you have not yet registered for Preview Day, please RSVP here.

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