My Extensive Pros & Cons List Didn't Prepare Me for Preview Days

College decisions are out and now it’s time for you to figure out where you plan to spend the next few years of your life! If you have been admitted to SCU's class of 2021, Congratulations! The undergraduate admission office is hosting Admitted Students Preview Day April 8th or 9th this year to help you gather the information you need so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

For some students, you have your choices narrowed down to a few top schools and SCU is one of them. You’ve made all the pro and cons lists, visited the schools, had conversations with current students, admissions counselors, parents, family and friends. How do you choose between equally amazing opportunities? Who do you listen to? Hopefully, coming to campus for Preview Days can get any final questions answered. Student Ambassadors, faculty, and staff are all here to answer any questions, but for many, stepping onto campus and getting a taste of what it’s like to be a SCU Bronco can be what you need to answer the questions you have, for yourself.

Two current Student Ambassadors, Lauren and Theodore, reflect upon their experiences attending Preview Day:

Lauren is a sophomore studying Finance in our Leavey School of Business, here is her story:

Going to Preview Day was one of the best choices I made as a high school senior. Preview Day landed on my spring break, and I was in the midst of deciding between three great but very different universities. I was so excited to see Santa Clara; I had visited in October, and I wanted to visit again to experience what it would be like to be a Bronco. I picked out the programs for the visit, planned an outfit with my mom, and geared up for an exciting day.

I pulled into SCU to find student ambassadors dancing and singing at 8 in the morning. It immediately welcomed us to the fun day on campus. We heard inspiring speeches from Father Engh and a current senior reflecting on their time at SCU. I went to the business school presentations and visited Swig Hall, where I would eventually live as a first year. This day showed me how a Jesuit education could enrich my life, and I felt at home.

With every moment on campus and every interaction I had, I felt more comfortable and I knew I wanted to spend the next four years as a Bronco. As my mom and I left, Student Ambassadors danced and waved, and my mom said: “I can see you here at Santa Clara, and I can see you joining that group.” That is exactly what I did: I decided on SCU a couple days later. My first year came with amazing learning experiences, friends, and of course, joining the Student Ambassadors and dancing at 8 am as well.

Theodore is a first-year studying Public Health in our College of Arts and Sciences, here is his story:

As an inherently indecisive person, Preview Day was a God-send.

Santa Clara University had been on my ‘radar’ as a school of interest from the moment I heard about it during my sophomore year. I mean, how can one go wrong with Santa Clara? The three-hundred days of sunshine, friendly student population and staff, prime location in the Silicon Valley, and great reputation nation-wide were definitely positives for me. Although I still had reservations. I am from Seattle, and did not entirely know for sure whether being in California, away from my close-knit family, was the right option for me. But nevertheless, I kept SCU in mind. As sophomore year went by, and I began junior year, many aspects of my ‘college search’ changed and fluctuated. Santa Clara remained on my radar, as well as other colleges and universities across the nation. I visited each university I had on my list, yet I felt the same “yes I can see myself here” feeling on every tour. I began to realize that I had many great options, but it was a matter of choosing one that was the best fit for me.

So fast-forward to March of Senior year. I whittled my list down to my ‘Top 3’ choices, truly seeing myself at each of these universities. After many, many, excel spreadsheets comparing each university item by item (down to the average temperature per day and exact distance from home and my twin sister’s university by plane, bus, and car), I still had no idea which school to choose. To make matters ‘worse,’ the longer I waited, the more confused I became, and the less time I had. I visited the other universities one last time, leaving Santa Clara last. I thought, “I should compare the other schools to Santa Clara, just to be sure.” The other two schools were great, don’t get me wrong, but something told me to give SCU one last chance. My parents then signed us up to attend Preview Day, and we made the drive down.

Sure enough, the second that we pulled into campus, I knew that SCU was the place for me. The parking garages here at SCU are special I guess! We were immediately welcomed by current students, faculty, and staff, who each explained why SCU was where they wanted to be, not where they had to be. We then went to multiple workshops, major-specific informational sessions, and then walked around campus. I remember at each station we attended, my feelings were reaffirmed and heightened. Preview Day was exactly what I needed to make my decision to attend SCU, and I haven’t looked back since. Preview Day is just a small glimpse into the larger culture and community that is Santa Clara University.

Thanks to Preview Day, I can now call SCU my second home.

We hope that Lauren and Theodore's experiences can shed some light on the type of experience students can look forward to at Preview Day. If you are interested in attending Preview Day and have not yet registered, please RSVP.

Next week, Jonathan and Ryba will share their experiences on how Preview Day helped them shift from skepticism about SCU to realizing that SCU might be the a good fit for them.

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