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Aidan Fromm '20
Missoula, MT

Ask me about: ACE Leadership Program, Club Soccer, being a Tapingo Ambassador, Study Abroad
Alonzo Billips '20
Los Angeles, CA
Mechanical Engineering

Ask me about: D1 Athletics, Igwebuike, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Amelie D'Hers '20
Seattle, WA
Management Information Systems
Computer Science Minor

I speak: French

Ask me about: Alpha Kappa Psi, SCU Equestrian Team, French Club, Study Abroad
Andrea Peña '20
Mountain View, CA
Sociology & Ethnic Studies
Spanish Studies Minor

I speak: Spanish

Ask me about: MEChA- El Frente, Hermanas Unidas, SCCAP Lucha, Ignatian Center Immersion Trips, University Honors Program, Salsa Clara, Study Abroad
Angie Scott '20
San Francisco, CA
Environmental Science and English
Communication Minor

Ask me about: Womens Rowing Team, LEAD,
Spoon University, Campus Ministry
Ashley Anderson '21
Sunnyvale, CA

Ask me about: Women in Business, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity, Commuting, Transferring
Ben Grundy '21
Los Angeles, CA
Environmental Science, Political Science

Ask me about: SCU Acapella, Igwebuike, Forge Garden Club, Women's Basketball (Practice Player)
Bobbi Kimble '20
Bangkok, Thailand
Studio Art and Business Analytics Minor

I speak: Mandarin and Thai

Ask me about: being an International Student, KSCU, Delta Sigma Pi, Asian Pacific Islander Student Union
Brendan Jones '21
Sacramento, CA
Accounting and Information Systems
Music Minor

Ask me about: D1 Athletics,
ACE Leadership Program,
Global Fellows, Immersion Trips
Caitlin Toth '22
San Diego, CA
Biology and Spanish
Biotechnology Minor

Ask me about: Women's club volleyball, SCAAP, Spanish Club, Johnson Scholar Program
Caroline McInerney '21
River Forest, IL

Ask me about: Transferring, SCU Mindfulness Club, Chaarg, Campus Ministry
Ceili Charley '20
Lake Oswego, OR
Chemistry and Biology Minors

Ask me about: Igwebuike, Immersion Trips, Intramurals
Chantel Allegakoen '21
San Jose, CA

Ask me about: Being a CF, Intandesh cultural club, CORE, LSB Peer Advisor
Charlie Miller '22
Lafayette, CA
Political Science Minor

Ask me about: Sports Business Club, Early Decision, Being a Legacy
Chris Dominguez '20
Santa Clara, CA
Public Health and Biology Minors

Ask me about: Being a first generation college student, LEAD, Salsa Clara, Commuting, and the MeChA El Frente cultural club
Connor Pearson '21
Reno, NV
Mechanical Engineering

Ask me about: Orientation, University Honors Program, SCUTS Rugby Team
Daniel Bermudez '21
Folsom, CA
Electrical Engineering Minor

Ask me about: MeChA El Frente cultural club, Society for Hispanic Engineers, and Biomedical Engineering Society
Elena Linardi '21
Houston, TX & Buenos Aires, Argentina
Entrepreneurship Minor

I Speak: Spanish

Ask me about: Associated Student Government, CORE Christian Fellowship, Campus Ministry, SCU Honors Program
Enyo Fiadonu '20
Denver, CO

Ask me about: Women in Physics, Measure Up, SPS (Physics Fraternity), TPUSA
Grace Healey '21
Milford, CT
Political Science
Studio Art Minor

Ask me about: Immersion, Women's Club Soccer, Feminists for Justice
Issabelle Hayden '20
Renton, WA
Economics Minor

Ask me about: ACE Leadership Program, Leavey Black Business Association, Activities Programming Board, Immersions, Study Abroad
Jake Bennett '20
Buffalo, NY

Ask me about: "Supertonic" A cappella, University Honors Program, Johnson Scholars, Club Frisbee, Intramurals
Julian Dreiman '21
Boulder, CO
Political Science & Economics
Spanish Minor

I speak: Spanish (Conversational)

Ask me about: KSCU, Into the Wild, Club Frisbee, SCU Honors Program, Research, Jewish Persepctive
Julian Nesbitt '20
Oakland, CA
Environmental Sciences & Music

Ask me about: Igwebuike, Chamber Singers, Campus Ministry, Study Abroad
Kendall Moore '22
Littleton, CO

Ask me about: Together for Ladies of Color, Igwebuike cultural club, and Rock Climbing Club
KJ Lee '21
San Jose, CA
Computer Science

Ask me about: Club boxing, Commuting, SCU Women's Basketball (practice player)
Lily Reposa '22
Hingham, MA
Psychology and Political Science

Ask me about: Chaarg, Ignite, SCAAP
Lucy Gilbert '21
Las Angeles, CA
Theater and French
Political Science Minors

Ask me about: Theater, National Alliance of Mental Illness on Campus, SCAAP Best Buddies program
Makda Mehari '20
San Leandro, CA
Mariella Beaurpere '22
Tampa, FL
Political Science and French

Ask me about: Army ROTC, IGNITE club
Marli Stellhorn '21
Milwaukee, WI
English Minor

Ask me about: Out of state perspective, SCAAP The Coral Program, Into the Wild, Jewish perspective
Sydney Meyer '22
Oakpark, IL
Theater and Child Studies

Ask me about: Acappella, Out of state perspective, Theater
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Nick Fazio '20
Short Hills, NJ
Environmental Studies
Economics & French Minor

I speak: French (Conversational)

Ask me about: Into the Wild, Study Abroad, Associated General Contractors
Nick Spragg '20
Naperville, IL
Finance & Art History

Ask me about: Study Abroad, Campus Ministry, TEDxSCU
Nikki Kim '21
Danville, CA

I Speak: Spanish (Conversational)

Ask me about: SCU Barkada, SCCAP, Women in Business, Into the Wild
Noel Del Toro '21
La Verne, CA
Public Health & Anthropology
Biology Minor

Ask me about: Into the Wild, CORE
Parwana Khazi '20
Fremont, CA
Biology, Spanish, & Public Health
Chemistry Minor

Ask me about: SCU EMS, Global Medical Brigades, SCOPE, Middle Eastern Club, Being a CF
Rafaela Barreto '21
Bellevue, WA
Mechanical Engineering

Ask me about: Society of Women Engineers, SCU Acapella, Intramurals
Rob Stallman '21
Ashland, OR
Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering, German Minor

Ask me about: Johnson Scholars, KSCU, Club Ultimate Frisbee
Rodrigo Mendez '22
Napa, CA
Civil Engineering
Ryan Lund '20
Portland, OR
Computer Science & Engineering
Entrepreneurship Minor

I speak: French

Ask me about: ACM (Computer Science Club), SCID, French Club, Inoperable Humor, UIF, Immersions
Sasha Menezes '21
Pleasanton, CA

Ask me about: SCU Mindfulness, Women in Business, SCU Chaarg, and Intandesh Cultural Club
Shelby White '21
Kelso, WA
Sociology & Retail Studies Minor

Ask me about: Orientation Leader, LEAD program, ASG
Sherene Victor '20
Dublin, CA
Computer Science & Engineering
Mathematics Minor

I speak: Tamil (Conversational)

Ask me about: Society of Women Engineers, Association of Computing Machinery, Johnson Scholars, CORE Fellowship
Sophia Lapus '21
Manila, Philippines & Houston, TX
Sociology Minor

Ask me about: Delta Sigma Pi, SCU Barkada
Theodore Looney '20
Seattle, WA
Public Health
Biology & Communication Minors

I speak: Greek (Conversational)

Ask me about: Residence Life, Pre-Health Track, SCU Dental Society, Alpha Kappa Psi
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